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Application Development

We are a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record who are at all times direct, helpful and confidential in delivering both local and global solutions that always add value and increase productivity across a wide spectrum of industries.

Olas has over 30 years’ experience in delivering bespoke software development using cutting edge technology. We work directly with all our customers before, during and after each assignment. Our expert local & global teams will provide as much advice and support as is required, from initial design and prototyping to the final delivery and support.

Delivering To Customer Requirements

At Olas we value customer service and communication above all else. Working and partnering with our customers to fully understand the business value and expected return on investment is the most important factor to delivering a successful project.

On Time, On Budget

By leveraging agile development methodologies, Olas will continuously look for better, more efficient ways of accomplishing existing and new tasks for review throughout development of a project. This process reduces the risk of inadequate requirements and late deliveries which are common within the traditional “waterfall” methodology and all the time increasing service speed.

Olas’s commitment to quality and timely delivery – backed up by scalable software development teams – ensures that we deliver our promises and maintain our proven track record.

Industry Knowledge

Olas has successfully delivered custom and bespoke software solutions to customers across the world in many industries including FMCG, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecoms, government and health care.

Long Term Trusting Relationship

At Olas we believe in working in a close partnership with our customers. Once a software project is completed, we will be there to support with roll-out, user training, maintenance and any future change requests for as long as is required.

Database Services

At the heart of every organisation is data, whether it’s company information or your customer information, it is vital to make sure this data is kept safe and secure.

Olas offer a range of database services to ensure that all your data needs are covered.

Data Architecture

What is Data Architecture?

Whether it is customer information, manufacturing information or any other type of information, data is at the centre of any business. As organisations grow the amount of data created, stored and referenced also grows, and at an expediential rate.

Why care about Data Architecture?

As the data in any organisation grows so do the challenges around that data, such as:

  • Is there one version of the truth, for example one customer record?
  • Does the data we are storing comply with regulatory requirements?
  • How secure is our data?
  • How do we link data from different applications and system?
  • How can we perform cross application or database analysis?
  • Do we have documentation of where our data is and who is responsible for that data?

What can Olas do?

Olas work with our customers to help define their data architecture strategy. This starts with a discovery process to identify all the current data sources and uses. The process will:

  • Identify and document data sources.
  • Produce logical and conceptual diagram of the different data sources.
  • Document the current use of the data sources.
  • Find any inconsistencies.
  • Rate the data sources against the business and compliance priorities.
  • Ensure proper security measures are in place around the data.


Olas has a track-record solving data consolidation challenges for leaders in your business sector. Our Harvest framework enables you to quickly solve your ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) challenges. We know how to work alongside your cornerstone SAP, Oracle, Siebel, etc. We are experienced with BI (Business Intelligence) platforms’ such as Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, etc.

And Olas can also re-use your SQLServer licences.

Even better, if we have programmed it before maybe you can re-use one of our proven frameworks.

Join the hundreds of Irish business leaders we’ve helped with applications to improve their decision making and productivity. Whether your business sector is Life Sciences, Health Services, Manufacturing or Energy, our mature professionals speak your language.

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