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DS30: Data Services - Data Quality Management



  • Complete an Address Cleanse transform
  • Work with global address data
  • Complete a Data Cleanse transform
  • Set up matching using the Match Wizard
  • Consolidate matching records to form a best record

Price €1,250 per person


  • 7th December 2017 – 2 Days



  • Consultants and project team members responsible for implementing data quality projects
  • Customer users responsible for administering and managing data quality projects



  • Thorough knowledge of ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) data processes
  • Thorough knowledge of defining source and target metadata in Data Services Designer
  • Thorough knowledge of creating batch jobs
  • Thorough knowledge of using functions, scripts, and variables
  • Thorough knowledge of using Data Integrator Platform transforms


  • Basic knowledge of SQL language
  • Basic knowledge of elementary procedural programming
  • In this 2-day course about SAP Data Services, you will learn about cleansing address and firm data, and match and consolidate records. As a business benefit, by being able to create efficient data quality projects, you can use the transformed data to help improve operational and supply chain efficiencies, enhance customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities, and optimise return on investment from enterprise applications.

Course based on software release

  • SAP Data Services 4.0
Course Outline
  • Describing Data Services
  • Using Data Quality Transforms
  • Using Address Cleanse Transforms
  • Using Data Cleanse Transforms
  • Matching and Consolidating Data
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