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    SCM230: Supply Network Planning (APO-SNP)


    • You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to create cross- location production plans, distribution resource plans, and procurement plans taking into account work center capacities, supplier capacities, and transportation capacities in SAP APO.
    • You will be able to determine feasible stock transfers in the short- term horizon (deployment) and to group these into stock transfer orders.

    Price €3,325 per person


    • 9th April, 2018 – 5 Days



    • This course is intended for project team members and other key users (persons from special departments) responsible for creating and optimizing a cross location supply plan including production, procurement and distribution plans.



    • SCM200 Business Processes in Planning (SAP SCM)
    • SCM221 Features and Functions of Demand Planning
    • SCM212 Integrated Supply Chain Modeling



    Course based on software release

    • SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0 Enhancement Package 7
    • SAP SCM 7.0 Enhancement Package 3
    Course Outline
    • Overview of Supply Chain Planning in SAP SCM (APO), Integration with Demand Planning (DP) and Production Planning (PP/DS)
    • Overview of exchanging master and transaction data with SAP ECC
    • Master data for supply network planning, interchangeability and shelf live
    • Configuring Supply Network Planning and interactive planning using planning books and macros
    • Introduction to the Planner Home Page (EhP 3)
    • Collaborative Supply Planning (supplier and manufacturer exchange data over the Internet)
    • Integrated exception management in the alert monitor
    • Discussions about the different planning methods: Heuristic including capacity leveling, optimization, capable-to-match, and VMI.
    • Standard and advanced Cross-location safety stock planning
    • Deployment: Implementing stock transport requisitions into manageable stock transport orders. Calculating and optimizing short-term replenishment plans for distribution centers and customers
    • Transport Load Builder (TLB): Grouping stock transfers by threshold values for volumes, weight and pallets.
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