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WGBABA: ABAP Overview for SAP users


  • Most SAP solutions are designed using ABAP.  This course will enable all SAP system users to gain a better understanding of how SAP is designed, and will greatly enhance their knowledge and confidence in using the SAP system.
  • SAP users will improve their ability to communicate with their SAP consultants and developers.  This relationship will be enhanced with their new found technical knowledge.
  • This 2 – day course will also provide all users of SAP with the expertise to look at their own work practices and identify how these work practices can be automate or improved.


Price €1,330 per person


  • 2 Days – Please contact us regarding scheduling.






  • This course is aimed at anyone working in the SAP environment who use SAP daily as part of their job function.



  • A basic end-user understanding of SAP is required
  • This 2-day course is designed to de-mystify how SAP works to users in clear, simple and non-technical language which in turn will empower system- users to gain better efficiencies from their SAP system and improve internal communications
  • This course is designed for non-programmers and does not take the place of attending either BC100 or BC400 courses.

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0
Course Outline
  • Understanding the SAP landscape
  • How to easily find existing transactions and reports
  • Gain a useful insight into how reports and transactions are designed
  • Write a simple report, transaction, and function module
  • How data is stored in tables and their relationship with other tables
  • Different types of tables and know how to efficiently access data in tables
  • Debugging – how to use effectively to solve a problem
  • Authorisations – Impact of not including them in your developments
  • ABAP OO – what it will mean to the SAP user
  • ALV reports – User interactive reports, Useful SAP transactions
  • Ad hoc development requests: forms, interfaces, web design, etc.
  • Job scheduling and printing, Enhancing your SAP system
  • Designing functional specifications – what must be included
  • How to liaise effectively with your IT department developers
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