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Graphic Design for E-Learning



This course is designed to teach the participants how to undertake a graphic design project by providing them with a professional methodology, a good understanding of the tools and software currently available for the task and the ability to source and manage design resources and utilise them successfully by following some simple graphic design guidelines.

Also included is a collection of tips and resources on how to manage your graphic design requirement in an e-learning project.

Price: €1,195 per person


  • Dates available on request, please call for details – 2 Days


This course is targeted at professionals who want to create and design graphics that make an impact in different types of online material including e-learning, presentations, printed documents and web output.


Proficiency at using PowerPoint and a basic understanding of how to manage digital imagery would be an advantage.


Having completed this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of professional graphic design: layout, colour, typography, ergonomics.
  • Understand the tools (software and media) available in the world of digital imaging
  • Sourcing design maerial: graphics, images, templates, etc.
  • Understand the design process and how to professionally manage a multimedia project


Course Outline
Click here to download course oultline

Basic Design Concepts
Introduction to general graphic design concepts including:

General Layouts
Portrait vs. Landscape and common dimensions
Combining text and imagery (layout objects)
Enhancing visual impact
Good practice guidelines

Colour Schemes
Basic colour theory
Colour usage basic guidelines
Colour referencing

Font Types
Font compatibility (system fonts)
Typeface styles
Using typefaces in design
Sizing guidelines

User Interfaces
Designing UIs
Good practice guidelines

Corporate Image
Understanding corporate identity manuals
Designing within corporate identity guidelines

Computer Assisted Design
Overview of available design software, functions, advantages and disadvantages, including:

Image Processing
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Elements

Presentation / Multimedia
Adobe Acrobat

Desktop Publishing
Quark Xpress

Vector Graphics
Corel Draw

Web Design

File Exchange
Apple App Development
xCode and Dev Pack

Final Cut / PremierPro
Flash Video

SoundBooth / Audition

Common Computer Graphic Formats
Overview of common computer formats and terminology:

  • Common File Types
  • Function, strengths and weaknesses, when and how to use different file types successfully

Producing vs. Sourcing Design Elements
Layout Templates (sizes, formats)
Web Site Templates
Backgrounds (sizes, formats, resolution)
Graphics / Buttons (sizes, formats, resolution)
Animations (formats, content)
Sourcing images and clip art from royalty-free catalogues

Case Study
Managing a basic multimedia project including:

The Design Process
Overview of the design process and project management for a multimedia production (i.e. e-learning)

Project Brief
Outlining a design brief – Visual and function requirements
Research – Choosing a development media
Preparing an initial proposal understanding time / financial budgets
Concept Design
Preparing story boards (e-learning)
Presenting design concepts to a client
Concept Development – Managing feedback

Design Development
Production of a master design layout / template
Production of master graphic elements
Communicating design guidelines to a team of developers
Preparing a full project development schedule

Project development
Implementing design
Managing client feedback effectively

Planning effective testing
Manage feedback and implement updates

Distribution / Delivery
Implementation of delivery system (i.e. Internet, Intranet, disc, etc.)
Further testing and project updating

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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