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    Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced



    The objective of this Microsoft PowerPoint training course is to create presentations involving integration with other presentations and applications; multimedia files; advanced charts; editing the slide master and creating custom shows.

    Price €300 per person


    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.11 April 2018 , 1 Day
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.13 June 2018 , 1 Day
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.13 August 2018 , 1 Day
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.09 October 2018 , 1 Day
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.13 December 2018 , 1 Day


    Our Microsoft PowerPoint advanced course is aimed at experienced PowerPoint users who wish to be able to create more professional looking presentations and wish to increase their knowledge of more advanced PowerPoint features.


    Participants should be existing users of Microsoft PowerPoint who can create, edit, format presentation, create a slide show and print. Ideally they will have completed the Microsoft PowerPoint introduction programme.


    Participants will be able to:

    • Create and Edit more complex slide types e.g. table slides, organisation charts etc.
    • Edit slide layouts
    • Edit Slide Masters and saving as a template
    • Use advanced Chart and Drawing features
    • Use action buttons to move between slides/presentations
    • Using data/objects from other applications and linking
    • Use advanced printing features
    • Incorporate Multimedia – Movies, Sound, Pictures
    • Build advanced animations and transitions
    • Save presentation to other formats e.g. move file etc.
    Course Outline
    Click here to download course oultline

    Review of Core Concepts
    The Ribbon
    Task Panes
    Smart Tags and Options button
    Presentation Manipulation – Creating, Saving, Opening, and Closing
    Editing – Moving and Copying Text, Spell Check
    Presentation Views
    Inserting and working with Slides
    Formatting Slides and Text

    New ways to save
    Saving and Editing in PDF
    Saving to Computer
    Saving to New Places
    Saving to SkyDrive

    Advanced Slide Layouts
    Table Slides
    Organisation and SmartArt Charts
    Changing and Reapplying Slide Layouts

    Master Views
    Using / Viewing the Slide Master
    Creating a New Master Layout
    Notes Master
    Handout Master
    Saving a Master Slide as a Template
    Multiple Master Slides

    Applying a Template
    Manipulating a Design Template
    Customising Slide Themes

    Advanced Charts and Diagrams
    Building and Editing a Chart slide
    Adding and Editing the Chart Type
    Formatting the Chart
    Advanced Chart Options
    Multiple Axes
    Linking Data
    New 2013 choice of Charts

    Using the ‘Tell me what you want to do…’ feature

    Advanced Drawing
    Drawing Objects and Shapes
    Editing and Formatting Objects – Grouping, Rotating, Align and Distribute
    Adding and manipulating Clipart
    Word Art
    Creating SmartArt Diagrams

    Action Buttons
    Moving Between Slides
    Linking Between Presentations and Files
    Applying Action Settings to Objects

    Inserting Slides from Existing Presentations
    Creating a Presentation from a Word Outline
    Publishing a Presentation to Word
    Copying/Linking to Word Tables
    Linking with Excel Workbooks or Charts

    Web Integration
    Hyperlinks to Slides, Files, and Web Pages
    Emailing the Presentation

    Printing Multiple & Single Slides
    Printing Handouts & Notes Pages
    Printing Custom Shows
    Print Options

    Inserting and Managing Multimedia
    Movies, Sounds, Pictures (e.g. Scanned, Digital photos)
    Videos from files or the Internet

    Advanced Slide Show Options
    Adding Transition Effects
    Animation of Text and Objects and Charts
    Custom Animation
    Custom Shows
    Saving a File as a PowerPoint Show
    Publishing to the Web

    Broadcasting your show

    Recap of Course/ Questions

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