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Microsoft Word Introduction



The objective of our Microsoft Word Introduction course is to acquire a working knowledge of Word to include document layout, formatting, document management and printing.

Price: €260 per person


  • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.07 June 2019 , 1 Day
  • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.24 September 2019 , 1 Day
  • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.06 December 2019 , 1 Day


Aimed at users who are new to Microsoft Word and wish to be able to create professional looking documents or wish to be able to edit existing ones.


Participants need no previous experience with Word but should be comfortable using MS Windows and should be able to start a MS Office application, use the Help feature and open/close and save files.


Having completed this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create, edit, manipulate, navigate text documents
  • Use spell checker, thesaurus and grammar checker
  • Create professional documents using Quickparts, Styles and Text formatting
  • Create bullet and numbered lists
  • Use tabs and create indented paragraphs
  • Create basic tables
  • Use Page Layout features for page numbering / orientation / page size etc.
  • Print documents
Course Outline
Click here to download course oultline

Uses for Microsoft Word
What are documents?
What is Microsoft Word used for?
Programme Overview and Objectives

Find your Way with Word 2016
Using the Ribbon
The quick access toolbar
Using Help
Normal, Page Layout, Reading mode
Zoom on the screen

Create a Word Document
Creating, Saving, Opening and Closing Documents
Document Properties and Management

Work Efficiently in Word with the Editing Features
Text Selection Techniques
Deleting, Inserting and Typing Over Text
Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
Drag and Drop
Moving and Copying Text between Documents

Making your Document Look Professional
Boldfacing, Underlining, Italics
Left, Centre and Right Alignment
Sizing Text and Changing Font
Changing Text Colours
Using inbuilt Designs & Themes
Adding Borders
Changing Text Case
Using the Format Painter
Changing colours

Using Tell me what you want to do function

Page Layout Options
Inserting and Removing Page Breaks
Changing Paper Size
Setting Left and Right Margins
Setting Top and Bottom Margins
Using the Ruler
Creating Indents and Moving them

Check your Spelling and Grammar
Checking the Spelling in a Document
Checking the Grammar in a Document

Managing Lists and Indenting
Applying Bullets and Numbers to your Lists
Changing the Bullet Shape
Changing the Number Style
Indenting Paragraphs

Creating Table Layouts
Setting and Using Tabs
Changing Tabs
Creating Tables
Inserting Rows and Columns
Merging Cells
Resizing Columns
Formatting Cells
Using Tabs in a Cell
Applying Borders and Shading

Prepare Documents for Printing
Adding simple Page Numbering
Creating and Managing Headers / Footers
Changing the whole document or an individual page to print Landscape
Print Preview
Printing Options

Course Summary and Review

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