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Time Management and Microsoft Outlook



To improve time management practices through efficient time management principles. Using Microsoft Outlook, participants will be equipped with strategies to beat the e-mail bulge, manage projects and work in a collaborative environment.

Price €395 per person


  • Dates available on request, Please call for details, 1 Day


This Time Management and Microsoft Outlook training course is aimed at anyone who has ever had a difficulty meeting deadlines or simply wants to manage their time more effectively and find out how to use Microsoft Outlook as a planning tool. A basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook prior to the course is assumed.




Participants will be able to:

  • Have a firm understanding of time management practices and time management principles.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to develop effective time management strategies to help manage your e-mails, manage projects and create a collaborative working relationship with your colleagues.
Course Outline
Click here to download course oultline


An overview of Time Managment Principles

Difference between Important/Urgent

How to Prioritise

Tips for Improving Time Managment Practices

Creating an Overview of One’s work

How to Plan Each /Week/Month/Year

Thirty Ways to Make More Time

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

Effective Communications Using E-Mail
Composing email with purpose (the P.A.S.S. model)
Voting to collect information
Essential features revisited:
– To, Cc, Bcc
– Using flags and reminders
– Implementing Categories
– Sharing vs. attaching documents
– Routing documents
– Sending Options

Handling Information Overload
The Information Workflow model
Set-up a reference system
Managing action: Do, Defer, Delete?
Opening and saving attachment

Time Saving Features
The Rules Wizard
Searching and Filtering Messages

Objective-Centred Action Planning
Tasks – create / defer / review / plan
Create tasks from email and other items
Task views

Categories – Setting Master Lists
Meaningful Objectives
Supporting Projects
Strategic Next Actions

Planning your day, week, month, year – the Calendar
Meeting requests
Sharing Calendars
Remember the holidays!
Set calendar to only your working hours / dates
Group Calendars

Creating Contacts
Using Contacts in Email Messages
Searching for Contacts
Adding Pictures to Contacts
Categorising Contacts
Using Contacts with MS Word for a personalised e-Shot

Outlook Preferences
Customise your Alert Settings
Change default font
Customise your Auto-Signature
Auto Spell Check
Customising views – Inbox / Sent Items / Folders

Mailbox Management
Clearing the Inbox & Sent items
Check Mailbox size
Archiving your Mailbox
Using Personal Folders

Outlook Today
Tasks you should do:
– Each morning
– Each evening

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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