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    Microsoft Visio Introduction



    The Microsoft Visio course is designed to be enable learners to create drawings like flow charts, process diagrams, organisation charts, floor plans etc. that contain connected elements, use available stencils and templates and generate reports through the use of Microsoft Visio.

    Price: €325 per person


    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.28 August 2018 , 1 Day
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.23 November 2018 , 1 Day


    Aimed at business users whom as part of their role will need to create new and modify existing drawings, for example Process Maps, Flow Charts, Cross Functional Charts, Project Schedules and Timelines.




    To allow the user develop a good working knowledge of Visio. To be able to create different types of drawings like flow charts, process diagrams, organisation charts, cross functional chart (swim lanes). The user will be able to use the library of existing stencils and templates plus create their own customised versions of both.

    Course Outline
    Click here to download course outline

    Uses for Microsoft Visio
    What are Drawings / Stencils / Templates
    What is Visio used for?
    Programme Overview and Objectives

    Find your way around Visio!
    Accessing Visio
    Using Tell me what you want to do…
    Navigating the Visio Drawing Page
    Using & Displaying Ribbon/Task Panes
    Page Views
    Pan & Zoom Window
    Size & Position Window

    Working with & Managing Drawings
    Drawing Categories & Templates
    Create New Drawing
    Open, Save and Close Drawings
    Navigating Pages
    Renaming / Deleting Pages
    Reordering Pages
    Setting a Drawing Scale

    Building a Flow Chart Drawing using existing Stencils and Templates
    Creating a New Drawing using existing template and stencil

    Working with Shapes: Smart Shapes
    Adding Shapes to Drawing Page
    Adding Text to Shapes
    Moving, Resizing, Copying & Deleting
    Group & Ungroup
    Rotating & Flipping
    Aligning & Distribution

    Working with Connectors: Connecting shapes
    Manually & Automatically
    Adding Connectors from Stencil
    Dynamic & Static Glue
    Adding Text
    View / Hide Connection Points
    Curved & Straight Connectors

    Printing the Drawing
    Preview and Printing the drawing
    Print Page Setup – Size, Orientation
    Page Setup – Size, Orientation

    Designing your own Template and Customising your own Stencil
    Inserting a New Page
    Creating & Assigning a Background Page
    Show / Hide Guides and Page Breaks
    Creating a new Stencil
    Adding Shapes to stencil
    Editing existing Master Shapes
    Creating customised Master Shapes
    Naming and Editing Stencils
    Using the Document Stencil

    Building Drawings using Existing Stencils and Templates
    Creating and managing the following drawing types, using the customised menus where relevant:
    – Cross Functional Chart
    – Organisation Chart
    – Project Timeline / Gantt Charts
    – Brainstorming Chart

    Adding Layers to your Diagram
    Assign a Shape to an existing Layer
    Creating New Layers
    Show / Hide layers
    Selecting Layers to Print
    Locking Layers
    Count the Number of Objects in a Layer
    Renaming / Deleting
    Assigning Colour

    Course Summary and Review
    Recap of Topics Covered
    Question Time

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