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    Microsoft Project Introduction



    The objective of this Microsoft Project training course is to be able to effectively use Microsoft Project for setting up projects, resource management, tracking progress, reporting and communicating to stakeholders.

    Price €750 per person


    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.20 and 21 February 2018 , 2 Days
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.10 and 11 April 2018 , 2 Days
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.27 and 28 June 2018 , 2 Days
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.07 and 08 August 2018 , 2 Days
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.02 and 03 October 2018 , 2 Days
    • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.11 and 12 December 2018 , 2 Days


    Our Microsoft Project introduction programme is aimed at users who are new to Microsoft Project and wish to be able to create a project plan and or use, edit or update a plan developed by someone else.


    Participants need no previous experience with Microsoft Project but should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and should be able to start a Microsoft Office application, use the Help feature and open/close and save files. A basic knowledge of the principles of Project Management would be useful.


    Participants will be able to:

    • Navigate the Microsoft Project application and get help
    • Take the key steps when creating a new project plan
    • Build tasks and structure the tasks (promoting / demoting tasks)
    • Incorporate milestones into the plan
    • Build task sequencing – lag/lead, dependencies, time constraints, deadlines
    • Use Views, Tables and Filters
    • Formatting the plan and printing
    • Build a resource pool and assign resources to tasks
    • Examine progress and critical path of the project
    Course Outline
    Click here to download course oultline

    Introduction and Overview
    Accessing PowerPoint
    Using the Help Facility
    Navigating within a Presentation

    Parts of the Screen
    Using the Ribbons
    The Presentation Views
    Task Panes
    Smart Tags and Options button

    Creating and Saving Presentations
    Opening and Closing Presentations
    Document Properties

    Slide Masters
    Using / Viewing the Slide Master
    Customising the Slide Master including Background Styles
    Saving a Master Slide as a Template

    Adding New Slides
    Using Auto Layout Slides
    Creating Customised Layouts
    Using the Title and Body Sections
    Entering Text
    Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
    Adding Text in Outline View

    Formatting Slides
    Formatting Font
    Text Alignment
    Changing the Bullet Style
    Using Different Bullet Levels
    Line Spacing
    Setting Indents & Tabs from the Ruler
    Slide Background Colour

    Checking the Presentation
    Checking the Spelling of a Presentation
    Checking Grammar
    Style Checker

    The Slide Sorter
    Moving and Copying Slides
    Deleting Slides

    Using Smart Art
    Choosing from the designs
    Converting Text to SmartArt
    Changing the design
    Altering the colours and Textures

    Building Chart Slides
    Entering Data for Charts
    Formatting Charts
    Chart Options
    Organisation Charts

    Drawing Objects, e.g. Rectangles,
    Editing Objects, e.g. Resizing,
    Inserting and Manipulating AutoShapes
    Adding and Manipulating ClipArt

    Printing Multiple & Single Slides
    Printing Handouts

    Slide Shows
    Creating a Slide Show
    Adding Transition Effects
    Using Animation Effects
    Saving a Slide Show
    Running a Slide Show

    Using the ‘Tell me what you want to do’ feature

    Applying a Template
    Creating / Saving a Customised Templates

    Course Summary and Review

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