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Communication Techniques



  • To develop improved interpersonal communications techniques
  • To be capable of selecting the most appropriate communication methods
  • To be able to receive communications in an effective manner
  • To develop meetings participation techniques and written communication skills
  • To be able to handle difficult interpersonal behaviours successfully
  • To identify ways to improve company communications that participants contribute to in
  • their jobs

Price €445 per person


  • Dates available on request. Please call for details, 1 Day


Our Communication techniques Training Programme is for participants who wish to improve how they communicate with others so they can explain what they are trying to clearly and effectively.




Course Outline
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Introduction, Objectives and Expectations

Group Exercise with discussion and feedback

Principles of Effective Personal Communications
Basic factors in communication
Evaluation of key processes involved through exercises with discussion
One and two way communications effectiveness
Developing feedback processes

Methods of Communication
Spoken word – application and issues
Written word – application and obstacles
Visual presentation – application
Body language – using and reading
Effective and active listening techniques
Giving and receiving feedback

Key Communication Contact Point
Meetings participation
Making presentations and contributions at meetings
Recording information and action plans
Telephone techniques
Barriers in telephone interaction and ways to overcome
Report writing and E-mail issues
Format and structure

Interpersonal Skills
Assertiveness techniques
Basic behaviour types
Developing assertive approach to communications and interactions
Analysing typical behaviours
Handling aggressive and passive responses
Handling difficult behaviours including emotion, conflict and confrontation
Transactional analysis for people handling

Organisational Communication Channels
Identifying company communication channels
Sources of communications
Content of communications
Identifying key communication links of participants
Problems and difficulties with breakdowns and failures to communicate successfully
Developing solutions

Development of Individual Action Plans for improved communications effectiveness

Programme Review and Evaluation

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