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Adobe Dreamweaver Introduction



Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design and development application that provides a visual WYSIWYG editor (colloquially referred to as the Design view) and a code editor with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code collapsing as well as more sophisticated features such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection for generating code hints to assist the user in writing code. The Design view facilitates rapid layout design and code generation as it allows users to quickly create and manipulate the layout of HTML elements.

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Call for Dates – 1 Day






Price €595 per person


People familiar with basic HTML who wish to take advantage of Dreamweaver HTML authoring, CSS editing and asset management features.


Familiarity with html, while not essential, it would be advantageous. The students must be proficient with file management techniques and must have a basic knowledge of browsing the web, using site menus, using links, etc.


To provide a clear understanding of the basic authoring features and how to create a basic web page using the WYSIWYG editor. To learn what CSS are and get a basic understanding on how to manage .css files from Dreamweaver.

  • Clearly understand what makes up a web page and further, a web site
  • Understand how to manage resources for web development
  • Use WYSIWYG editor provided to create a basic web page
  • Insert images, create links and create tables
  • Understand the key parts of a html document
  • Understand what is CSS and how to manage it from Dreamweaver
  • Save files and upload to a server via FTP
Course Outline
Click here to download course oultline

Introduction to Web Design
Web Design Overview
Working with other Applications
Understanding HTML
Working with other programming techniques (Javascript, PHP, etc)
Using CSSs

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver’s User Interface
Document Window/Toolbar
Property Inspector
Using CSS with Property Inspector
Testing your page (Live View, Browser)

Setting Up a Web Site
Design site, chose servers, standarising links, document type and site structure
Site definition with Dreamweaver

Creating a Web Site & Adding Content
Create a new file
Inserting text (type, copy & paste, import from Word)
Inserting Images (local and remote)
Placeholder Images
Inserting Flash

Adding Structure to the Page
Format text with HTML
Using Tables (create, modify and nest tables)
DIVs (AP DIVs – layers and standard)

Using CSS to Format and Style the Page
Create Simple Rules
CCS Styles Panel
Using a built in CSS Layout

Uploading Files to Server
Establishing connection
Copying files across platforms

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