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Becoming a Super-User

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The first time I heard the term ‘SuperUser’, it was when my boss was asking me to become one. Immediately, I was imagining myself as a caped crusader; the reality however, was much less comic book super hero and much more everyday problem solver hero.

Typically being a Superuser involves the following

• Attending overview training courses
• Partaking in discussions on business processes
• Attending end user training courses
• Being the first line of support post go-live
• Escalating queries to the support team

IT Systems tend to work in layers, so during a ’rollout’ a Super-User will tend to get the same training as everyone else and then receive some additional training in the next layer. To put it another way, a Super-User will know what is immediately solvable and they will solve it and what needs to be escalated.

So why would you want to be a Super-User? Well firstly, it shows your current employer and prospective future employers that you can take responsibility, moreover, isn’t it better to be able to have the POWER to solve these problems rather than relying on the good will of your colleague.

If you too are contemplating becoming a Superuser, you’ll be relieved to know that it doesn’t involve any gamma-rays, chemical experiments or teleportation chamber mishaps, it most likely means participating in a Superuser training programme.

And Olas can help you become that problem solver hero. For more information on our Superuser training programme contact Olas on 01 279 0020 and ask to speak to Colette.

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