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12 Tips of Christmas – Presentation Skills


Preparation is critical to successful presentation.

Key points of preparation:

  • Establish the required outcomes – what people should know and be able to do
  • Identify your audience – who they are and what they will be expecting
  • Highlight the key messages you want get across – that will deliver the objectives
  • Develop the content of your presentation – substance and information
  • Select delivery methods and visual aids – how you will impart your content
  • Prepare the support materials – notes, cue cards, handouts etc.


Select a suitable sequence for the presentation:

Some points in designing PowerPoint slides:

  • Design them to support your key messages
  • Keep simple – one aspect per slide
  • Avoid too much information on each slide – 5 -6 points per slide
  • Try to use bullet points and avoid sentences
  • Use large font size and add some colour
  • Use when appropriate and turn off when not needed – use the B key to blank the screen
  • Use them to prompt you and then elaborate
  • Sometimes the visual can be the message – graphs and photographs

Your body language will assist you in getting your messages across so work to make the maximum impact using the points below:


*Olas scheduled Presentation Skills in 2016: 21 March 2016 & 23 September 2016

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