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12 Tips of Christmas – Time Management

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Tips for Managing Time

Time is a resource that is easily lost or wasted.

How to address Time Wasters:

  • Analyse where you spend your time, make a log and study the results
  • Identify the factors that waste your time
    • Systems and Procedures
    • Other people
    • Yourself
  • Seek ways to eliminate unnecessary activities
    • Delegate / off load
    • Stop doing things
    • Change the way you do things
  • Don’t spend time on things you cannot change
    • live with them
  • Become Effective
    • do things that deliver your results
  • Become Efficient
    • do things well using minimum effort and resources
  • Learn to say No, nicely but firmly
  • Ensure you commit proper levels of time to have rest and relaxation

Planning your working activities helps you to focus and prioritise:

  • Identify your long term goals
  • Set medium and short term objectives using the SMART criteria
  • Decide on your priorities – those factors that deliver your objectives
  • Compile a daily To Do List and prioritise your actions and set timescales
  • Break big tasks into easily manageable elements
  • Be ruthless with low priority tasks
  • Stick with your plan, but change it if circumstances change
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