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Filtering in Excel
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Filtering in Excel

AutoFilterFiltering in Excel_filter

Filtering allows you to show only the records in a list that meet certain criteria. The AutoFilter feature creates a drop-down list for each field that displays all the options in that field. The list can be filtered by selecting any one of these options. Only the matching records will be displayed.

• Click the Sort & Filter button on the Home Tab.
• Select Filter from the pop-out menu.
• Excel will display a drop-down list next to every field heading.
• Click the required drop-down list.
• Click the option to be displayed.

Filtering In Excel_salesRep

All the records that do not meet the criteria will be hidden. The row numbers and the drop-down arrow of the filtered column will show a filter icon. The row numbers will not necessarily be sequential.

Filtering in Excel_CompanyName


Show all Records
• Click Clear Filter fom the drop-down list in the field(s) that is filtered.
• Click the Clear Button fom the pop-out menu on the Sort & Filter button on the Home Tab.

Filter In Excel_From

AutoFilter Options

You can choose more than one filter criteria from the list by simply clicking on the criteria required.

Filter In Excel_Hanson
You can choose from a lot of pre-defined filer options from the filter pop-out menu.

Filter In Excel_Date
You can also filter data by colour (this colour may have been manualy applied or set using Conditional formatting).Filter in Excel_Color
Custom Filters
The custom option in the AutoFilter drop-down list can be used for more advanced filtering. It allows you find ranges in a number/date column.

• Click the drop-down arrow of the field you would like to filter.
• Click the Option that allows you to see more filters
• From this sub-menu, select Custom Filter.Filter In Excel_Custom
• Select the appropriate option from the drop-down arrow on the left (equals, greater than, less than, begins with, etc.).
• Select or type the text or number/date to filter by on the right.
• Click And or Or.
• Set the bottom criteria if desired.
• Click OK.Filter In Excel AutoFilter


Turn Off AutoFilter
• Click the Filter button from the pop-out menu (on Home Tab) to do several fields at once.


Note: Data Tab – All of the above options can be accessed from the Data Tab also.

Filter in Excel_Advanced

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