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How to Create a Macro in Microsoft Excel

A Macro is a set of instructions to perform one or more actions.  Typically they’re used to automate tedious or repetitive tasks, such as formatting all cells of a worksheet in a particular way.  The simplest way to create a Macro is to record it using the macro recorder.

Recording a Macro

  • Open the workhow to create a macro 1book and activate the worksheet where the marcro is to be recorded.
  • Click into the active cell where the macro should be begin
  • Click the view Ribbon
  • Clcik the Macros Button
  • Select Record Macro from the drop down list
  • The Record Macro dialog box is displayed

How to create a macro 2

  • Type a name for the macro and enter a shortcut key for your macro
  • Type in the purpose of the macro in the description text box
  • Select a storage location for the macro – it can be stored in the active workbook i.e This Workbook, thus making it available only when this workbook is opened.  It can also be stored in the Personal Macro Workbook; Excel creates a hidden workbook that is automatically opened behind the scences, every time Excel isstarted.  The macro is then available to all workbooks
  • Click OK to begin recording
  • Perform the actions planned for the macro
  • Click the Stop Recording button when complete

how to create a macro 3

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