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How to create a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel

Our trainers here in Olas have decided to give a quick explanation on how to create a simple Pivot Table to get you started. Remember if you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel have a look at some of our course outlines for our Microsoft Excel training here in Olas.

Microsoft Excel – Creating a Pivot Table

A Pivot Table is a view of data in a summarised format.  To create a Pivot Table just follow these steps.

  • Within your spreadsheet select the data required for the Pivot Table.How to Create a Pivto Table 2
  • On the Insert Ribbon click the Pivot Table Button.
  • From within the Create Pivot Table dialog box, make selections relevant to your requirements under the following headings
  1. Data that you want to analyse with the Pivot Table.
  2. Where the Report should be placed.
  • Click OK and you will move onto the next steps – Building the Pivot Table report.

How to Create a Pivto Table 1

  • Define how the data should be displayed by selecting the field from the Pivot Table Field List and dragging to the Report Filter, Column Labels, Row Labels or Values areas of the Pivot Tables Field List (bottom right hand corner of image below).

How to Create a Pivto Table 3

  • Once the fields are dragged to their corresponding section the will appear on the Pivot Table on the right, as below.

How to Create a Pivto Table 4

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