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How to go on Holidays without a Worry

Have you ever been in a situation where some of your key project resources are due to go on holidays at a critical time during the project? It is that time of year when people are going on holidays so can you prevent this from happening?

The answer is YES.

With some planning and communication this can be prevented.

Planning for Resource Holidays

Below are 5 top tips for planning holidays on a project:

Tip 1 – Keep a holiday tracker

At the start of the project setup a holiday tracker detailing the holidays already booked for all resources on the project. This tracker should also include public holidays

Tip 2 – Update the holiday tracker

Throughout the duration of the project update the tracker with new updated holidays

Tip 3 – Communicate critical dates

Communicate all critical dates of the project to resources so they are aware of the dates where holidays may not be permitted and where they are vital to the project

Tip 4 – Backup resources

For critical resources have a backup resource who is fully up to speed on all the tasks in case they need to take over any tasks

Tip 5 – Project Overrun

When planning projects ensure to plan for an overrun on dates, in case the project end date is extended or the project team is required to support the project after go-live. The holiday tracker needs to cover some time after go-live

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