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How to use AutoText in Microsoft Word


The AutoText facility allows the user to store frequently used blocks of text and graphics so that they can be quickly inserted anywhere within a document.  They are very useful for addresses, closing salutations within letters and also body text in letters.

Creating an AutoText entry

In Word 2010 all AutoText entries are stored as building blocks.  You will work in the Create New Building Block dialog box, that appears within the Quick Parts option in the Insert ribbon.

  • Type in the text or graphic (or both as below) and format ready to store as an AutoText entry.

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  • Select the text that you want to add to your AutoText options.
  • On the Insert ribbon you should choose the Quick Parts option, within the Text section of the ribbon.
  • You should then select Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.
  • In the Create New Building Block dialog box fill in the information relevant to your new AutoText.

Name – Type a unique name for the AutoText building block.

Gallery – Select the AutoText gallery.

Category – Select the General category, or create a new one.  You might create a new category if you want to keep specific items together under the one group.

Description – Type your description of the new building block.

Save In – Click the name of the template in the drop down list – in this case click Normal.

Options – You should choose one of the following:

Insert content only – this will place the AutoText within a document as you are working.

Insert content in its own paragraph – this will enter the content in its own paragraph, even if your cursor is within a paragraph.

Insert content in its own page – this will place the content on a separate page, with page breaks both before and after the AutoText.

How to Use AutoText in Microsoft WordAdd AutoText to your Quick Access Toolbar

You can then add the AutoText command to the Quick Access Toolbar by following the instruction below:

  • Click the File ribbon.
  • Choose Options.
  • Choose Quick Access Toolbar.
  • In the Choose commands from list, click Commands Not in the Ribbon, click AutoText, and then click Add.
  • The AutoText option will now appear on your Quick Access Toolbar and you can insert any of your saved AutoText options from here.

Add Text Automatically

All AutoText entries can be added automatically into a document for you when you type a specific set of characters.

To do this you will need to get into Word Options and choose the Proofing, AutoCorrect option.

  • Select the text that you want to add to your AutoText options.
  • Click on the File ribbon.
  • Choose Options.
  • Choose Proofing.
  • Within the Proofing section you should choose AutoCorrect Options within the AutoCorrect options section.
  • Make sure to select the Replace text as you type check box (it may already be selected).
  • Under the Replace section you should type the characters that you want to type to prompt the entry of your AutoText.
  • The text that you selected should be alongside the characters you entered in the Replace field.
  • Choose Add and Ok.
  • Choose Ok to come out of the Options dialog box.
  • When you type your key combination into any word document your AutoText piece will appear.

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