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Microsoft Office Tip – Naming Cells in Excel

Cell/Range Names

In Excel 2010, the Name Manager is used to name cells or cell ranges.The Name Manager can be found on the Formulas Tab.

This is where you define names in Excel

from formula’s tab

It is possible to name a single cell or range of cells. These names can then be used in formulas to make them easier to create and understand. Cell names are treated as absolute references and will not change if you copy a formula to a new cell.



Define a Cell Name

Define a cell name

• Select the cell to be named.
• Click Name Manager.
• Click New
• Type a name (no spaces)
• Type a comment (if needed).
• Click OK (to see the list of names in the Name Manager)
• Alternatively the user can select the cell(s) to be named.
• Type the Name into the Name Box.
• Press Enter.

Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel A


Example of name used in a formula

Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel quarterlySales

Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel arrow


Delete a Name

• Click Name Manager.
• Select the name you want to delete.
• Click Delete.
• Click OK.Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel April




Create a Name for a Range of Cells

A range name can be created when the range of cells has already been assigned a row or column heading.Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel topRow

• Select the range including the heading.
• Click the Create From Selection on the Formulas Tab
• Select the location of the title from the list of possible locations by clicking the relevant check box.
• Click OK.


Apply a Range Name

• Select the range of cells containing the reference to the named cell(s), eg; choose the cell where you current function is (it will currently contain cell references).Microsoft Office Tip - Naming Cells in Excel DefineName
• Click Insert, Name, Apply Names.
• Select the name of the range.
• Check the Ignore Relative/Absolute check box if all the reference names are to be replaced.
• Check the Use Row and Column name check box if Excel is to use range names if specific cell names can’t be found.
• Click OK to apply the names.

Paste a Range Name

Use the Paste Name functionality to type any defined ranges. This will eliminate any possible typing errors.

• When entering the formula, click Use In Formula button.
• Select the cell/range name from the list of names.
• Click OK.


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