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Multiple Slide Masters in PowerPoint

Creating and Customizing Slide Layouts

Layouts are like templates right inside the presentation.

Each new blank presentation contains one slide master and eleven layout slides. Below you can see an example of an opened Slide Master ribbon, where the title slide is selected.


If we add a background to this slide layout, the changes will be visible in both the slide and in the Navigation Pane.


When the Slide Master ribbon is closed and the user returns to the regular presentation, the changes made to the slide layout will immediately be made and applied to all slides in a presentation that use that layout.

All changes will be reflected in the New Slide gallery.


Slide masters become very useful if your presentation requires multiple title slides. For example, imagine that you were preparing a presentation for your company in which three departments will present three topics each about their respective work. Each topic will have its own title page. This means the presentation will have nine topics, with nine title pages.

You can easily make a copy of slides and duplicate them within the slide master. Select a slide layout and click Duplicate Layout.

This will make a copy of the layout within the slide master. You can then make whatever formatting changes you need to each layout. Here, we have used a different colours for each of the three departments.


Each of these title slides will also be available in the New Slide command.


If you want to create a new blank layout, click Slide Master and choose Insert Layout. PowerPoint will add a new generic slide layout.

Here you can add and modify placeholders or style the slide as you see fit. Don’t forget to give your layout a meaningful name, too.

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