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Sorting in Excel

Sorting a Database

It is possible to organise information in a database by using the Sort feature. This feature can sort any field in the database alphabetically, by number or by date. It is possible to sort in ascending and descending order. It is also possible to sort by up to sixty four columns.


Sort by One FieldSortingInExcel_SortandFilter
• Click any one cell in that column.
• Click the Sort and Filter button on the Home Tab
• Click either the Sort A to Z (ascending) or Sort Z to A (descending) buttons.


Sort by Multiple FieldsSortingInExcel_AddLevel
• Click the Custom Sort button from the Sort & Filter pop out menu (above).
• Use the Sort by drop-down list to select the first field to sort the database on.
• Use the Sort On drop-down list to select what you would like to sort for example, values or cell colour.


• Select the required option from the Order drop-down list.
• Use the Add Level button to add more sorting criteria.
• Once all the Sorting Levels have been included, click OK.SortingInExcel_Add2ndLevel




Custom Sort Order
Days or months have a logical sort order although the order is not alphabetical, e.g., Wednesday is before Thursday in terms of weekdays but alphabetically Thursday comes before Wednesday. For this purpose, a custom sort order would be used.

• From the Sort dialog box, click the Order Drop down list.
• Select Custom List (as in example above)
• Choose the List from the Custom List dialog box, on which you want to base the sort.
• Click OK.

Note: Data Tab: You can access all of the above options from the Data Tab also.

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