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Styles in Microsoft Word (Part 1)

What is a Style?

A style is a set of formatting characteristics that a user can apply to paragraphs, characters, lists and tables. Styles allow users to format large documents quickly. For example, instead of taking three separate steps to format a title as 16 pt, Arial and centre aligned, a user could achieve the same result in one step by applying the Title style.

Styles are often used in template documents to ensure consistency.
All styles available in a document can be seen by clicking the Styles Gallery in the Styles group of the Home tab.

Types of Styles

There are four types of styles that can be created and used in Microsoft Word 2010. These are listed below:

Paragraph Style: Controls all aspects of a paragraph’s appearance such as text alignment, tab stops, line spacing, borders and can include character formatting.

Character Style: Controls the appearance of selected text within a paragraph such as the font, size of text, bold and italic formats.

Table Style: Provides a consistent look to borders, shading, alignment and fonts in tables.

List Style: Applies similar alignment, numbering or bullet characters and fonts to lists.


Applying Existing Styles

  •  Select the text to be formatted.
  • Hover over a style from the Styles group on the Home tab. Your selection temporarily takes the appearance letting you decide whether the style is appropriate.
  • Click the style in the gallery to apply it to your selection. The selected text will be formatted.
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