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The Best Run Businesses run SAP

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I was travelling back from a training assignment through Frankfurt airport recently and I noticed a lot of posters listing the companies that run SAP – the one that surprised me most was “Cirque de Soleil runs SAP”.  On reading this I did a little more investigation.

In short, SAP provides Cirque du Soleil with a platform flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing market requirements, while efficient enough to scale across the company’s global business units.

On reading this case study, I couldn’t help but feel that this epitomises what Olas achieve when working with customers on training end users

When working on client training projects, Olas is flexible, rapid, efficient and creative – flexible to customer requirements with rapid development of training materials using efficient methods of training delivery and creating creative training solutions.

Read more on SAP and Cirque de Soleil at http://www.sapsponsorships.com/m-arts-a-entertainment-a-arenas/cirque-du-soleil

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