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Change Control

Managing Change during Projects This time of year, one thing you can be sure of, is that the leaves will change colour and fall to the ground. Similarly to the certainty of the leaves changing colour, during the lifecycle of a project, there will always be changes within your project. As a project manager how […]Read More

Effective Project Meetings

As part of managing a project one of the most important governing tasks is to plan and chair project meetings. There are many different types of meetings that a project manager may need to conduct during the lifecycle of a project. Below is a list of some of the meetings: • Project Team, to keep […]Read More

Snappy Sparklines in Excel

Want a quick glance at your data trends without creating charts? Well now you can with Excel Sparklines! Brought in with the release of 2010, these sparklines sit neatly within a cell and capture the trends for selected data on a row by row basis.Read More

Happy 30th Birthday FileMaker®, you aged well!

Yes, we know: if you are in the database Server end of the business, the lion’s share is claimed by Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL, the workhorse of most web servers running on BSD/Linux systems. SQLite reigns in small Android powered devices (why do they insist in call them “phones”, anyway?) and tablets, a […]Read More

How to go on Holidays without a Worry

Have you ever been in a situation where some of your key project resources are due to go on holidays at a critical time during the project? It is that time of year when people are going on holidays so can you prevent this from happening? The answer is YES. With some planning and communication […]Read More

Uncovering Data Value by Improving Your Data Supply Chain

Simply put a Zettabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes (that’s twenty one zeros!). Put simply, it is about a trillion gigabytes. Another way of visualising this number is as the equivalent of over 62 billion iPhones! So What? According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the total volume of data stored globally will reach 40 Zettabytes by […]Read More

Becoming a Super-User

The first time I heard the term ‘SuperUser’, it was when my boss was asking me to become one. Immediately, I was imagining myself as a caped crusader; the reality however, was much less comic book super hero and much more everyday problem solver hero. Typically being a Superuser involves the followingRead More

Spring Clean my Projects

Recently, a colleague asked me, what is a “Project Health Check”? I said, “It’s like a Spring Clean on a Project”. This reminded me of when I was growing up and my mother saying, “It’s time for a Spring Clean”. Nothing was safe, every wall, ceiling, cupboard and shelf was cleaned and painted, then everything […]Read More

Cell/ Range Names

Cell/Range Names In Microsoft Excel, the Name Manager is used to name an individual cell or a range of cells. The Name Manager can be found on the Formulas Tab. These range names can then be used in formulas to make them easier to create and understand. Cell names are treated as absolute references and […]Read More

What is a Project Plan?

Very often when this question is asked, a project manager will show their project schedule in the format of a gantt chart with a list of tasks and milestones.  This is in fact the project schedule which is an essential part of the project plan, but a project plan should contain more information. Below is […]Read More

Predicting the Future

On a recent shopping trip in the city centre, I passed a fortune teller’s shop and it got me thinking about my next blog post. Whilst the sceptics amongst you might at this point be wondering where this is going, the believers out there are in fact correct; telling the future is indeed possible. However, […]Read More

Styles in Microsoft Word (Part 1)

What is a Style? A style is a set of formatting characteristics that a user can apply to paragraphs, characters, lists and tables. Styles allow users to format large documents quickly. For example, instead of taking three separate steps to format a title as 16 pt, Arial and centre aligned, a user could achieve the […]Read More

The tell-tale signs of project failure

The tell-tale signs of project failure  Some projects end successfully, and meet the expectations of all stakeholders, however many others fail.  When the danger of failure is identified during the project, the project can be recovered before it is too late. If the key factors to be managed over the project life cycle are not […]Read More

Customising the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2013

Customise the Ribbon In Office 2013 you can tailor and personalise the ribbons so that they will appear exactly the way you want them. You can produce customised tabs and custom groups that will hold frequently used instructions. The user can add a command to an existing group or create a new tab and add […]Read More

Managing Large Presentations in PowerPoint – Using Sections

Working with large presentations in PowerPoint can be confusing and time consuming. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 has a new feature called “Sections” which will allow you to group your slides into different Sections like dividers in a folder. You can customise the name of each section, thus allowing easy navigation and organisation of different […]Read More
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