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BOE330: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform: Designing and Deploying a Solution



This course is aimed at experenced BI systm architects, solution architects, and system administrators responsible for designing and deploying SAP Business Objects BI 4 solutions for their organization, but is also open to anyone interested in this topic.

During the course:

  • Students will learn knowledge required to design and deploy an SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform.
  • Students will learn how to analyze and identify customer requirements in order to design a solution using the concepts of High Availability, Scalability, Sizing, Disaster Recovery, and Lifecycle Management.
  • Students will use a case study to design, build, and troubleshoot a system.
  • Students will produce a content management plan using advanced security and replication techniques.

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System architects and administrators who are responsible for maintaining SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform servers in their organisations.

Software Release Information and Notes

Course Based on Software Release

  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2


  • None
Course Outline
  • Reviewing Architecture, Administration, and Security in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
    • Describing the BI Platform Architecture, System, and System Element
    • Identifying Key Architecture Flows
    • Reviewing SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform Security
  • Identifying Requirements
    • Assessing your Organization’s Environment
    • Identifying Requirements using the Jade Publishing Case Study
  • Planning a Deployment
    • Identifying Factors to Consider when Deploying a BI Platform 4.2 System
    • Identifying Factors that Influence the Deployment Process
    • Identifying Factors to Consider when Installing a Deployment
    • Identifying Factors to Consider when Configuring a Deployment
  • Deployment Design and Sizing
    • Designing an SAP Business Intelligence Deployment
    • Designing a Scalable System
    • Preparing a Sizing of a BI Platform Deployment
  • Deployment and Configuration of an SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 System
    • Planning a Deployment Solution
    • Configuring the Web Tier for High Availability
    • Configuring the Management Tier for High Availability
    • Configuring the Storage Tier for High Availability
    • Configuring the Processing Tier for High Availability
    • BI Platform Pattern Books and Best Practices for Deployment
    • Server Groups
  • Disaster Recovery in the SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.2
    • Planning for Disaster Recovery
  • Content Management Planning
    • Preparing to Manage Content
    • Upgrading a Deployment
    • Managing the Life Cycle of a Deployment
    • Moving Objects from One Deployment to Another
  • Deployment Administration
    • Performing Advanced Troubleshooting of a BI Platform Deployment
  • Deployment Replication
    • Replicating a BI Platform Deployment
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