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HY750: SAP Hybris Marketing Customization & Integration


This course is designed to provide an in depth understanding about the implementation of the different modules of the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud solution. The course aims not only to showcase “What are the underlying technical concepts” but also to provide information on “How to enhance the standard functionalities”. Multiple hands on exercises are used to facilitate:

  • Options of configuration and enhancements in the standard solution
  • Details about the integration of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

The course will also prepare participants to:

  • Understand the Technical concepts of different modules in SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Perform Configurations Using the Implementation Guide
  • Understand how to do development of Hana Objects using the Hana Studio (for usage in Segmentation module)
  • Develop understanding about marketing processes across different SAP solutions
  • Understand configurations required for integration With Other SAP systems ( SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer)


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  • Technical Consultants
  • Functional Consultants
  • HANA Modelers
  • Data Integration Consultants



  • HY700E: SAP Hybris Marketing Essentials Online
  • HY730E: SAP Hybris Marketing Functional Analyst Online


  • HYB1 Experience SAP Hybris Solutions (openSAP Online course)
  • HA100: SAP HANA Introduction
  • CLD900: SAP Cloud Platform, Integration Service, Overview



Course based on software release

  • SAP Hybris Marketing 1605 on premise
Course Outline
  • Unit 1 – Product Overview and Architecture
    • Introduction of the different modules of SAP Hybris Marketing
    • Deployment Options
    • Integration with other solutions and Data Handling
    • Architecture Overview
    • Security Aspects
    • Installation Process
  • Unit 2 – Contacts and Interactions
    • Data Model for Interaction Contacts, Interactions, Products and Product Categories
    • Customizing Filter Attributes
    • Adding New Data Fields to The Contact Fact Sheet
    • Sentiment Engagement – Data Flow and Extensibility
    • Customer Journey Insight Application
    • Data Aging
    • Import Interactions and Interaction Contacts
    • Hands On Exercises
  • Unit 3 – Segmentation
    • Features of the Segmentation Builder
    • Creating Segments Leveraging Object Key Upload, Reference Objects And Predictive Scores
    • Multi-Value Marketing Attributes
    • Customizing New Data Sources for Segmentation
    • Defining And Assigning Preview Types
    • Segmentation Profile Filters
    • Authorization Settings
    • Administrative Features for Segmentation
    • Target Groups – Configuration and Extensibility
    • Hands On Exercises
  • Unit 4 – Acquisition – Campaign Management
    • Content Studio Features
    • Multiwave Campaign Automation
    • Configuring the Sender Profile
    • Defining Campaign Categories and Actions
    • Export Definitions
    • Creating CSV File Exports
    • Overview on Facebook and Paid Search Campaigns
    • Automated A/B Testing
    • Landing Pages for Newsletter Subscription
    • Managing Marketing Permissions And Subscriptions
    • Marketing Success Analytics
    • Hands On Exercises
  • Unit 5 – Recommendation
    • Product Recommendations
    • Recommendation Models, Algorithms, Recommendation Model Types And Recommendation Scenarios
    • Offer Recommendations
    • Consuming Recommendation Models in SAP Hybris Commerce
    • Customizing Data Sources and Algorithms
    • Hands On Exercise
  • Unit 6 – Integration With SAP Hybris Commerce
    • Overview of Integration Scenarios and Touchpoints
    • Architecture and Configuration
    • Personalizing Web-Shop Content via Segmentation and Campaigns
    • Landing Page Deployment on A Commerce Web Shop
    • Product and Offer Recommendations
    • Processing of Clickstream Data to Enrich Customer Profiles
    • Concept of Master Data Replication From Commerce to SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Unit 7 – Predictive And Heuristic Scores
    • Defining Predictive Scenarios in the IMG
    • Creating and Maintaining Predictive Models
    • Choosing the Best Model Fit for a Predictive Scenario
    • Creating Heuristic Scores Based on SAP Hana Information Models
    • Creating Heuristic Scores Based on a Segmentation Profile
    • Hands on Exercise
  • Unit 8 – Planning
    • Budget Planning
    • Adding Custom Dimensions for Budget Planning
    • Managing Campaigns with Programs
    • Spend Management
    • Using The Marketing Calendar
    • Hands on Exercise
  • Unit 9 – Integration With SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer
    • Defining Lead Scores and Lead Stages
    • Set up Campaigns to enable Lead and Activity Creation (Appointments, Phone Calls, Task) from SAP Hybris Marketing to Hybris Cloud for Customer.
    • Data Replication between SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer and SAP Hybris Marketing
    • Leverage the Lead Dashboard to Monitor Relevant Lead Management Information
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