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SCM240: Production Planning in ERP


  • This course will give you an overview of supply chain planning as it could be implemented with SAP ERP. This will involve understanding the different steps in the process and how they are interrelated.
  • In this course you learn to understand, to configure, and to apply the concepts of demand management and material requirements planning for non-configurable materials that are provided by SAP ECC 6.0 – Material Requirements Planning (formerly known as SAP R/3 – MRP)


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  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • User



  • PLM114 Basic Data for Production
  • SCM100 Planning Overview (ERP)


  • SAPSCM SAP SCM Application Overview
  • SC240e is an e-Learning version of this course.

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 7
Course Outline
  • Overview of Production Planning in SAP ERP
    • Outlining the Supply Chain Planning Process
    • Outlining the Core Production Planning Process
  • Demand Management
    • Outlining Demand Management
    • Planning Make-to-Stock Production Without Consumption Logic
    • Planning Make-to-Stock Production with Consumption Logic
    • Planning Make-to-Order Production Without Consumption Logic
    • Planning Make-to-Order Production with Consumption Logic
    • Using Assembly Processing in Make-to-Order Production
    • Applying Demand Management Enhancements
    • Analyzing Availability Checks
  • Material Requirements Planning Execution
    • Outlining Material Requirements Planning
    • Setting Up the MRP Prerequisites
    • Executing the MRP Run
    • Setting Up the MRP Run
    • Planning MRP Interactively
    • Applying Firming Mechanisms
  • Technical Processes of Requirements Planning
    • Calculating Net Requirements
    • Applying Buffers in Net Requirements Calculation
    • Calculating Lot Sizes
    • Selecting Procurement Types
    • Setting Up Basic-Date Scheduling
    • Setting Up Lead-Time Scheduling
    • Selecting BOM and Routing
  • MRP Results Processing and Evaluations
    • Comparing an MRP List and a Stock/Requirements List
    • Applying the Planning Table
    • Identifying Exception Messages
    • Applying Additional Evaluation Aids
  • Additional MRP Processes
    • Applying Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
    • Setting Up Long-Term Planning
    • Executing Long-Term Planning
    • Analyzing Multi-Site Planning
    • Setting Up MRP Areas
    • Applying MRP Areas
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