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SAP Navigation Quick Tips

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We have created a SAP training tip on some of the basic navigation options to save you some time navigating through SAP screens.
Have a look and if you are interested in finding out more about SAP Navigation or other SAP Training for end users feel free to contact us here in Olas.

  • Use /n to exit a transaction and return to the main menu screen.  Please note: when using /n the system will exit the transaction with out saving any data.


  • Use /n along with another transaction code to immediately move from one transaction screen to another e.g. /nME23N.

forward slash n with Tcode

  • Use /o to display an overview of the sessions you currently have open in SAP

forward slash o  overview of sessions

  • Use /o along with another transaction code to open that transaction in another window e.g. /oME23N

forward slash o with Tcode

  • Use /nEX to close/exit all window of SAP of the current system


  • Use the Command Line drop down list to review the last transaction codes used

Command Line List

  • Use the search_sap_menu transaction to search for transactions in the SAP Easy Access Menu





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