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Data Visualisation in a nutshell

What is it? Data visualization or data visualisation is the study and application of visually representing data.

Data visualisation does not need to be complicated and there are a range of tools out there allowing both beginners and experts alike to help garner a better understanding and insight from the data they use daily.

Who cares? Well it means data visualisation is becoming more pervasive and for this reason data visualisation in the business and education world is becoming more and more essential.

Displaying data in a meaningful manner will engage your audience and colleagues’ alike by a range of insightful and relevant chart types including bar & column charts, line & area charts, pie charts, special purpose charts, combination charts, map visualisations and meters & gauges e.t.c.

Why use data visualisation tools at all?

  • They allow us to make complex information and abstract ideas more understandable and tangible
  • Connect existing knowledge with new ideas
  • They allow us to improve information absorption and therefore retention
  • They provide a framework from which future analysis, planning, reporting and discussion can be made
  • They focus discussion leading to better understanding and information interpretation as trends, relationships and patterns are more recognisable
  • Increased data literacy – the ability to identify and explain trends, patterns and answer questions by gathering, analysing, interpreting and presenting data – enables management to reach steadfast and timely conclusion and recommendations based on that data analysis. And to achieve this, quality data visualisation capabilities are a non-negotiable must.

Where is a good place to start? An excellent data visualisation catalogue

data visualisation Catalogue








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