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Adobe Acrobat



Adobe Acrobat is a family of software packages designed to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The family comprises Reader (formerly Acrobat Reader), Adobe Acrobat (formerly Adobe Acrobat Professional). The freeware Adobe Reader, available for several desktop and mobile platforms, can view, print and annotate PDF files. The commercial proprietary Acrobat can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files.

Note: Adobe Acrobat is not a page layout or design programme. Adobe Acrobat works by converting or creating PDF files that have been originally generated with other software, such as page layouts generated by Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word, graphics generated by Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, etc. Adobe Acrobat editing capabilities are limited.

Full Day Course Price: €600

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People seeking the ability to create complex PDF files, adding interactivity for presentations and utilizing for commenting in collaborative work.


Course participants should know what a PDF is in order to be able to understand the need to edit a PDF. Proficiency in basic file management and general computer usage would also be of benefit.


To understand the capabilities of this programme and become proficient at creating and editing PDF files as well as using them for collaborative work:

  • Create PDF from other single files, multiple files, web pages, scans, etc.
  • Delete, add, move pages
  • Use headers, footers and watermarks
  • Understanding editing capabilities of Acrobat
  • Adding interactivity
  • Reviewing, commenting and perform collaborative work
  • Adding passwords and certificates
  • Exporting and printing
Course Outline
Click here to download course oultline

Introduction to Acrobat and PDF
What is a PDF?

Creating PDFs
Creating PDFs from files
Creating PDFs from screen, window, or selection capture
Creating PDFs from scanner
Creating PDFs from the Web
Creating PDFs from a blank page
Combining documents into a single PDF

Editing PDFs
Adding, deleting, duplicating pages
Changing the order of pages
Adding headers / footers to your PDF
Adding watermarks to your PDF
Optimizing your PDF document

Editing PDFs Advanced Techniques
Editing text
Crop tool
Object touch up tools
Comparing two PDF documents
Scan and OCR – paper to PDF

Adding Multimedia and Interactivity
Adding interactivity to your PDF document (for example, links and bookmarks)
Adding multimedia to your PDF
Insert a Flash Widget into PDF
Insert video (for example, FLV)

Collaboration, Review, Commenting
Using familiar commenting tools
Document collaboration using shared reviews
Enable for commenting in Adobe Reader

Protecting your PDF using a password
Signing PDF files and creating appearances

Exporting, Printing and Sharing
Exporting PDF files to Microsoft Office formats
Printing documents
Pre-Flighting for creative professionals

Working with Forms
Creating basic fillable forms (using Form Wizard)
Automating form field creation
Understanding Acrobat Tracker for forms
Adding formatting and calculations to PDF forms
Editing forms in Acrobat

Discussion and Question Time

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