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This course covers designing an e-learning interface most suitable to the subject matter and target audience. It also covers making effective use of animation, media, and narration to improve the learning experience.

Two Day Course Price: €950 per person

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  • Dates available on request, please call for details – 2 Days Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.


Aimed at e-learning developers who will be creating training course modules in PowerPoint and Articulate.


  • None


To gain a good knowledge of Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage in order to create and publish high quality e-learning solutions.

Course Outline
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Components of a Quality E-Learning Programme
PowerPoint as an E-Learning Development Tool

Introducing Presenter
Why Use Articulate?
Accessing Presenter Features from within PowerPoint

Audio Basics
Including a Narrative Transcript
Recording, Previewing and Re-Recording Narration for a Slide
Editing Narrative Transcript to Match Recording
Synching Display Elements with the Audio
Importing Audio for a Single Slide
Batch Importing Audio for Multiple Slides
Removing Audio from a Slide

The Audio Timeline Editor
Adjusting the Volume for all or a Portion of the Audio Track
Zooming In or Out of the Waveform
Removing a Portion of a Slide’s Audio
Inserting Silence
Adjusting a Slide’s Start or End Based Audio
Synching Display Elements with the Audio
Importing Audio into the Timeline
Recording Audio into the Timeline

Adding and Clearing Annotations
Setting Styles
Adding After (Post) Recording
Previewing Your Work

Working with Special Media Types
Inserting Flash SWFs
Inserting Flash Video
Web Objects
Scaling and Positioning

Articulate Video Encoder
Importing Video
Trimming and Cropping Video
Publishing Options

Learning Games
Choices / Word Quiz / Sequence
Game Settings
Editing an Existing Game

Articulate Quizmaker
Types of Quizzes
Types of Questions
Adding, Editing and Formatting Questions
Creating a Question Pool
Publishing Quizzes

Articulate Engage
Types of Engage Interactions
Creating, Editing and Formatting Questions
Adding Media to Engage Interaction
Publishing Engage Interactions


Slide Properties
Navigation Titles
Assigning Navigation Levels
Interface View
Locking Slides
Assigning Presenters
Assigning Background Audio

Creating Non-Linear Paths
Creating a Menu Using Slide Links
Locking Slide Navigation
Hiding Slides
Other Presentation Settings

Previewing Your Work

Building a Player Template
Defining Your Presentation Interface Options
Navigation Settings
Editing Button Labels and Dialogue Messages
Setting the Colours for Your Interface

For the Web
For a Learning Management System (LMS)
For a CD
To a Microsoft Word Document
For a Podcast
To a Project File

File Management
Publishing Project Files Package

Discussion and Question Time

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