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Google Apps for Business



This course is an introduction to Google Drive and the various office applications that Google provide. It includes organising, finding, and sharing files with Google Drive along with learning how to upload, convert, synchronise and delete files (with tips on organizing and searching). The course introduces the learner to each of the core office applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations; comparing them to other office application suites. The course will also work through using Google Forms for gathering data and creating Google Maps for use in documents

Full Day Course Price: € 500 per person

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Aimed at existing users of office applications like Microsoft Word who have migrated or are planning on migrating to Google Drive and Google Apps.

Goals and Objectives

To introduce participants to the options available on Google Drive and to ensure that participants finish the session feeling comfortable in beginning to work with Google’s various office applications.

Course Outline
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Course Introduction

Google Drive
Accessing Google Drive
Working with files
Purchasing more storage space
Finding files
Sharing files
Working with revisions and suggested edits
Using Google Drive on a mobile device

Google Docs
What can you do with Docs?
Creating, naming, saving, and editing docs
Working with content
Copying, renaming, and moving docs
Publishing docs on the web
Sharing docs
Translating docs
Using Google Docs on mobile devices

Google Sheets
Create or import a spreadsheet
Add content
Customise formats and fonts
Work with rows and columns
Work with multiple sheets
Share and Collaborate
Print and Download
Basic Calculations
Compare with MS Excel

Google Slides
What can you do with Slides?
Create or import a presentation
Add and edit content
Choose a Theme
Arrange slides
Add transitions and animations
Share and collaborate
Present and download

Google Forms
What can you do with Forms?
Build a new form
Design a form and add questions
Edit an existing form
Distribute or send your form
Collect and analyse responses
View Response summaries
Download responses
Store and/or print your form

Google Maps
What can you do with Maps?
Create a new map
Change the map type
Add points and areas
Add descriptions
Share your map with links, code or through Google Maps
Store, edit and update maps.

Discussion and Question Time

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