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Microsoft Access Introduction


The objective of our Microsoft Access Introduction training course is to teach participants how to plan, design, create, manipulate and query databases. It will also teach them how to use Access to generate reports and produce input user forms.

Full Day Course Price: €350 per person

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This Microsoft Access Introduction course is aimed at users who are new Access and want to set up their own databases.


Participants need have no prior knowledge of Microsoft Access but should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and should be able to start a Microsoft Office application, use the Help feature, and open, close and save files.


Having completed this Access Introduction course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan, design, create, manipulate and query databases
  • Use Access to generate reports
  • Understand database terminology
  • Produce user input forms
Course Outline
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Introduction and Overview
Programme Overview
Accessing Access
Explore the User Interface
Explore the Access 2019 Ribbon

Introduction to Databases
Database Concepts
Features and Terminology
Planning and Designing a Database

Introduction to Access
Access Environment
Access Components: Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports

Creating a Database
Creating a New Database
Setting up a Table
Table Terminology
Table Design
Field Data Types
Field Properties
Setting the Primary Key
Modify Table Design

Working with a Table
Adding Records to a Table
Moving through Records
Finding Records
Editing Records
Deleting Records
Sorting Records
Filtering Records

Creating a Query
Creating a Simple Query
The Query Design Grid
Naming a Query for Future Use and Modifying a Query

Complex Queries
Creating a Complex Query
Using Arithmetic Operators
Using Logical Operators
Queries with Multiple Criteria
Sorting the Query Dynaset
Hiding Fields in a Query

Other Queries
Parameter Query
Calculated Query
Totals Query

Access Forms
Automatic Forms
Form Wizard
Form Design
Modifying Forms
Adding Controls to Forms
Formatting Forms

Using Forms
Displaying Records through a Form
Adding Records through a Form
Finding Records through a Form

Access Reports
Automatic Reports
Report Wizard
Report Design
Grouping and Sorting Records on a Report
Calculations on a Report
Modifying Report Design
Formatting Reports
Printing Labels

Using the ‘Tell me what to do…’ Function

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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