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Microsoft Excel Macros & VBA


On this course, learners will create macros for repetitive tasks in Excel, use VBA to automate spreadsheets using program control statements, iterative loops, dialog boxes, custom forms and some basic programming techniques.

Full Day Course Price: €600 per person

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  • 10 May 2023 – 1 Day
  • 12 September 2023 – 1 Day
  • 27 November 2023 – 1 Day


Aimed at experienced Excel users who want to automate repetitive tasks in Excel. This course is suitable for participants who are responsible for building interactive spreadsheets for other users.


Participants should be experienced users of Microsoft Excel who can create, edit, format and print a spreadsheet. They should also be able to create Excel formulas and, ideally, should have completed one of our Excel training programmes.


Having completed this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create macros for repetitive tasks in Excel
  • Understand VBA in order to automate spreadsheets using program control statements, iterative loops and dialog boxes
  • Create custom forms
  • Have a good working knowledge of basic programming techniques
Course Outline
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Overview of the Macro Facility
When to use Macros
Efficient Storage of Macros

Recording a Macro
Absolute & Relative Record Facilities

Assigning Macros
To a Button
To a Toolbar

Viewing Recorded Macros

Editing Recorded Macros

VBA Basic Concepts

Visual Basic Editor
Code Window
Project Explorer
Properties Window

VBA Language
Objects, Methods, Properties
Declaring Variables
Using Variables
Using Message Boxes and Input Boxes
Using Program Control Statements
Building and Using Iterative Loops

Creating Menus for Easy Use

Custom Forms
Command Buttons
Radio Buttons
Check Boxes
Combo Boxes

Stepping Through the Macro
Inserting Breakpoints
Adding and Managing a Watch Window

Automatic Procedures
On Opening a File
On Closing a File

Understanding and Using Client
Specific Project Files

Discussion and Question Time

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