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Microsoft Excel Introduction


The Microsoft Excel Introduction training course is designed to enable the participant develop a good working knowledge of Excel to include features such as basic functions and formulae, sorting and filtering data, formatting and printing spreadsheets.

Full Day Course Price: €350 per person

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  • 13 June 2023, 1 Day
  • 21 August 2023, 1 Day
  • 19 September 2023, 1 Day
  • 07 November 2023, 1 Day

Target Audience

The Microsoft Excel Introduction training course is aimed at users who are new to Excel and want to set up their own spreadsheets and manipulate existing ones.


Participants need have no prior knowledge of Excel but should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and should be able to start a Microsoft Office application, use the Help feature, and open, close and save files.

Goals and Objectives

Having completed this course, participants will have a good working knowledge of Excel including the following features:

  • Basic functions and formulae
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Formatting and printing spreadsheets
Course Content
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Basic Knowledge
Understanding Workbooks, Worksheets, Rows, Columns, Cells
The Ribbon
Selection techniques
Understanding the different Mouse shapes
Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Customising the formula Bar
Live Preview
Contextual tabs
Zoom Feature
Views explained
Shortcut keys
Saving, File types, File Compatibility (with earlier Versions)
Tell me what you want to do – feature
Smart Lookup
Pinning Recent Files

Entering, Selecting and Editing Data
Entering, Editing and deleting information in cells (Text, Date, and numbers)
Entering Auto Lists
Using Fill handle to create simple lists
Creating custom lists
Deleting Rows, Columns and Cells
Inserting Rows, Columns and Cells
Inserting, Deleting, Moving, Copying and Renaming Sheets
Various Navigation Techniques using Scroll bar, Keyboards and Go To command
Using the Paste Preview

Creating Formulae and Functions
Creating Formulae
Editing Existing Formulae
Mathematical Order
Copying Formulae
Understanding Relative Referencing
Understanding Absolute Referencing
Using the Auto sum Feature

Frequently Used Functions
Using the Formulas Tab

Formatting your Spreadsheet
Formatting Cells
Number Formatting
Date Formatting
Text Formatting
Cell Alignment and Orientation
Wrap text
Applying cell styles
Formatting ranges as tables
Border drawing
Clearing Formats
Changing Column Widths
Changing Row Heights
Changing sheet Tab Colours
Using Format Painter

Data Sort and Filter
Sorting Data
Auto Filter
Filtering using Timeline

Charts / Graphs
Creating Simple Charts
Editing Charts
Formatting Charts
Using Recommended Charts

Print Preview
Page Orientation
Adding Headers and Footers
Printing a Selection
Setting a Print Area
Adjusting page breaks using Page Break Preview
Repeating columns and rows
Changing Margins
Centre on Page

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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