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Work Smarter with Microsoft Outlook


The objective of this Microsoft Outlook training course is to improve time management through efficient use of the Outlook features. Using Outlook, participants will be equipped with strategies to beat the email bulge, manage projects and work in a collaborative environment.

Full Day Course Price: €500 per person

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  • 25 January 2023 – 1 Day Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.
  • 12 April 2023 – 1 Day
  • 05 July 2023 – 1 Day
  • 12 October 2023 – 1 Day


Anyone who has difficulty managing their time, emails, appointments and tasks and who would like to use Microsoft Outlook as a planning tool.


A basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook prior to the course would be of great benefit.


Having completed this course, participants will be able to:

  • Handle information overload
  • Implement time saving features such as Rules and Search
  • Manage your mailbox more efficiently (Flags, Folders, Filing)
  • Use Calendar to better pan your time and meetings
  • Use Tasks to manage To Do’s and Projects
  • Use Categories to better define Meetings, Tasks and Contracts
  • Create Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Develop a daily routine
  • Manage a mailbox more efficiently
  • Customise Microsoft Outlook settings
Course Outline
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Introduction and Objectives
How wisely do you manage your time?
Top Ten Time Management Principles
Identify the Appropriate Communication Channel

Outlook Today
Tasks you should do:
– Each Morning
– Each Evening

Planning your Day, Week, Month, Year – the Calendar
Meeting Requests
Tracking Options
Setting Busy / Free time / Out of Office status
Sharing Calendars
Remember the Holidays
Set Calendar to Only your Working Hours / Dates
Additional Time Zones
Group Calendars

Objective-Centred Action Planning
Tasks – Create / Defer / Review / Plan
Create Tasks from Email and Other Items
Task views

Categories – Setting Master Lists
Meaningful Objectives
Supporting Projects
Strategic Next Actions

Managing your Contacts
Searching for Contacts
Adding Pictures to Contacts
Categorising Contacts
Using Contacts with Microsoft Word for a personalised e-Shot

Add Groups
Join Groups
Like Groups
Using Groups for Quick Contact

Mailbox Management
Focused Inbox
Clearing the Inbox and Sent items
Check Mailbox Size
Archiving your Mailbox
Using Personal Folders

Handling Information Overload
The Information Workflow model
Set-up a Reference System
Managing Action: Do, Defer, Delete?
Opening and Saving Attachments

Effective Communications Using Email
Composing email with purpose (the P.A.S.S. model)
Voting to Collect Information

Essential Features Revisited
To, Cc, Bcc
Using Flags and Reminders
Implementing Categories
Sharing vs. Attaching Documents
Sending Options

Time Saving Features
The Rules Wizard
Quick Steps
Searching and Filtering Messages

Setting up Outlook for Success
Customise your Alert Settings
Customise your Auto-Signature
Customising views – Inbox / Sent Items / Folders

Delegation of your Inbox, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts
Specifying Access Rights and Levels

Discussion and Question Time

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