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Microsoft Visio Advanced


Our Microsoft Visio Advanced course is designed to be enable the participant to make full use of the advanced features of the application and to work with Process Diagrams, Cross-Functional Flowcharts, Organisational Charts, Gantt Charts and Timelines. Participants will also learn how to add data and data graphics to Visio drawings.

Full Day Course Price: €475 per person

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  • Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.07 December 2022, 1 Day


This Microsoft Vision Advanced course is aimed at users who use Visio extensively in their day-to-day work and who wish to learn more about the additional functionality of the application.


Participants should be existing users of Microsoft Visio. Ideally they should have completed our Visio Introduction training programme prior to this.


Having completed this Microsoft Visio Advanced course, participants will be able to:

  • Make full use of the advanced features of the application
  • Work with Process Diagrams, Cross-Functional Flowcharts, Organisational Charts, Gantt Charts and Timelines
  • Understand how to add data and data graphics to drawings
Course Outline
Click here to download course outline

What is New in Visio 2019
Kick Start Your New Diagrams

Working with Shapes
Paste Special
Inserting Fields
Screen Tips

Working with Containers
Adding Containers
Adding Shapes to a Container
Removing Shapes from a Container
Resizing Containers
Disbanding a Container

Using Callouts
Inserting a Callout
Moving a Callout
Positioning the Callout line
Resizing Callouts
Callout Styles

Working with Layers
Adding Layers
Showing Layers
Hiding Layers
Activating Layers
Locking Layers
Selecting Layers to Print

Working with Shape Data
Manually Adding Data to Shapes
Manually Linking Shape Data
Automatically Linking Shapes to Data
Refreshing the Shape data
Data Links

Data Graphics
Inserting Data Graphics
Custom Data Graphics
Editing Data Graphics
Removing Data Graphics

Creating Process Diagrams
Adding Shapes
Creating Sub-Processes
Linking Sub-Processes
Editing Links

Building Drawings using Existing Stencils and Templates
Creating and Managing Drawing Types
Using Customised Menus
IEEE Compliant Shapes for Electrical Diagrams

Cross Functional Charts
Creating a Cross Functional Chart
Adding Swim lanes
Adding Separators
Adding Shapes
Changing Orientation and Direction
Modifying the Swim Lane Margins

Creating Organisation Charts
Creating an Organisation Chart Manually
Creating an Organisation Chart with the Wizard
Adding Shapes
Synchronising Charts

Creating Workflow Diagrams
Adding Shapes
Importing SharePoint Workflows
Exporting Workflows to SharePoint

Creating Gant Charts
Creating a Gantt chart
Entering Dates, Tasks and Durations
Adding Rows and Columns
Configuring Working Time

Adding Background Pages
Inserting Headers and Footers

Importing and Exporting to Excel
One-Step Data Connectivity

Using IRM to Safeguard Your Drawings

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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