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Microsoft Power BI Advanced


Power BI is a Microsoft product that allows for the creation of powerful, interactive visualizations using business intelligence. This course will help participants to develop a comprehensive knowledge of Power BI which will enable them to create sophisticated interactive visualizations, reports and dashboards.

Full Day Course Price: €600 per person

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  • 22 June 2023, 1 DayBook a place on this course and pay with your credit card.
  • 09 August 2023, 1 Day
  • 05 October 2023, 1 Day
  • 04 December 2023, 1 Day


This advanced level Microsoft Power BI training course is aimed at experienced Power BI users who wish to use more advanced features and functions to create reports and dashboards.


A good working knowledge of Microsoft Power BI is a prerequisite for this course. Ideally, participants should have completed the Microsoft Power BI Introduction training course prior to this.


Having completed this course, participants will have a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Power BI which will enable them to create sophisticated, highly interactive, visualizations using their organisation’s business intelligence.

Course Outline
Click here to download course outline

Review of Power BI Introduction
Building Interactive Data Visualizations

More Powerful Desktop Visualizations
Conditional Formatting
KPIs, Cards and Gauges
Advanced Map Visualizations
Managing and Arranging
Drill Through
Custom Report Themes
Selection Pane, Bookmarks and Buttons
Community-Sourced Visualizations
R Visualizations
Custom Visualizations

Data Transformation Components
Using the First Row as a Header
Splitting the Field or Concatenate Fields
Replacing Null Value with Blanks
Grouping Data
Pivoting Columns
Aggregate Functions
Formatting Columns

Power BI Data Analysis Expressions
What is Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)?
How Power BI DAX Works:
– Syntax
– Context
– Functions
Calculated Columns and Measures:
– Calculated Columns
– Measures
– Calculated Columns vs. Measures
Types of Functions in Power BI DAX:
– Aggregate Functions
– Count Functions
– Date and Time Functions
– Mathematical Functions
– Logical Functions
– Information Functions
– Text Functions
Creating Measures using Power BI DAX

Advanced Data Visualizations
Bar Charts and Column Charts
Line Charts and Area Charts
Pie Charts and Donut Charts
Combo Charts
Bubble Charts, Scatter Charts and Play Axis
Gauge Charts and Funnel Charts
Waterfall Charts
Reference Lines and Constant Lines
Quick Insights
Segmentation and Cohort Analysis

Advanced Data Connecting and Shaping
Data Fetching with the R Connector
Data Shaping in Power Query with R

Advanced Analytics
R Integration
Quick Insights Feature
Segmentation and Cohort Analysis
Data Grouping and Binning

Publishing and Sharing
Publishing to the Web
– Grant or Revoke access to colleagues
Create Workspaces (Power BI Pro):
– Public or Private Groups
– Edit or View only Groups
Create Apps (Power BI Pro):
– Entire Organization
– Specific Individual or Groups
Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)

Templates and Content Packs
Creating Templates
Creating Content Packs

Course Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time

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