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Microsoft Project Introduction


Our Microsoft Project Introduction training course is designed to enable participants to use Microsoft Project effectively for setting up projects, resource management, tracking progress, reporting and communicating to stakeholders.

Two Day Course Price: €950 per person

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  • 05 September 2023, 2 Days – 2 Days Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.
  • 23 November 2023, 2 Days


This Microsoft Project Introduction course is aimed at Project Managers, Team Leaders and those involved in projects.


Participants need no previous experience with Microsoft Project but should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and should be able to start Microsoft Office applications, use the Help feature and open, close and save files. A basic knowledge of the principles of Project Management would be of benefit.


Having completed this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the Microsoft Project application and get help
  • Take the key steps when creating a new project plan
  • Build tasks and structure the tasks (promoting / demoting tasks)
  • Incorporate milestones into the plan
  • Build task sequencing – lag / lead, dependencies, time constraints, deadlines
  • Use Views, Tables and Filters
  • Formatting the plan and printing
  • Build a resource pool and assign resources to tasks
  • Examine progress and critical path of the project
Course Outline
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Day One

Introduction to Microsoft Project
Project Management Techniques
Using the ‘Tell me what you want to do…’ Feature
The Project Guide Toolbar

Getting Started
Essential Steps for creating a new Project in Microsoft Project
Setting the Project Start Date
The Project Calendar
Project Information

Task Maintenance
Entering and Editing Tasks
Auto Scheduled vs. Manual Scheduled
Moving, Copying, Deleting Tasks
Promoting / Demoting Tasks
Task Durations

Task Sequencing
Types of Links
Lead and Lag Times
Time Constraints

Other Task Functions
Recurring Tasks
Splitting Tasks
Inactive tasks
Attach Notes / Hyperlinks to Tasks
Filtering Tasks
Grouping Tasks
The Project Summary Task

The Tracking Gantt
The Network Diagram
The Timeline View
The Critical Path Explained
Displaying the Critical Path

Applying Tables to a View
Customising Tables

Format Text
Format Bars
Format Timescale
Format Layout

Printing the Project
Page Layouts
Headers and Footers

Day One Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered

Day Two

Review of Day One

Work and Material Resources
Entering and Editing Resources
Grouping Resources
Adjusting a Resource’s Calendar
Attach Notes / Hyperlinks to Resources

Task Types
Fixed Work
Fixed Duration
Fixed Units

Assigning Resources to Tasks
Effort Driven Scheduling Explained
Assign Resources to Tasks
Assign Material Resources to Tasks
Filtering in the Assign Resources Window
Resource Over-Allocations
Resolving Resource Over-Allocations

More Views
The Task Usage View
The Resource Usage View
Filtering in Views

Setting the Project
What is a Baseline?
Setting a Baseline
Clearing the Baseline
Viewing the Baseline

Project Progress
Marking Tasks as Complete
Project Statistics

Advanced Formatting
Format the Gantt Chart with Resource Data

View Tables
Modify Tables

Using Project’s Pre-Designed Reports

Master Projects and Shared Resources
The concept of Master Projects and Shared Resources explained

Communicating the Project
Capturing the Gantt Chart as an Image File
Export Project Data to Excel

Day Two Summary and Review
Recap of Topics Covered
Question Time
Discuss Participant’s own Projects

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