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Project Management Workshop - Stakeholder / Communications Management



Our workshops are aimed to address some of the key principles of Project Management which requires more in-depth analysis. The following is the list of the workshops:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Scope Definition
  3. Stakeholder & Communication Management


Each one of these workshops has been designed to address specific needs and issues which arise during the lifecycle of a project.

Half Day Course Price: €650 per person

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  • Dates available on request, call for details – Half Day Book a place on this course and pay with your credit card.


Project Managers who need to get a further insight into certain project management processes.


Ideally, workshop participants should have completed a Project Management Methodology course which covered the phases and structure of projects


To gain a more detailed understanding of project management processes and to analyse tools and methods to use during the project phases.

Workshop Outline
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Stakeholder & Communications Management – One Day Workshop

The ability to manage your stakeholders is key to the success of any project. In order to manage your stakeholders you need to identify who they are, what they need from the project and what you need from them. Once you have this information you then need to create a communication plan in order to manage relationships throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The purpose of this workshop is to identify who all the relevant stakeholders are for your project and how you manage that relationship. Communications with stakeholders can vary during the lifecycle of a project so you need to plan what, how and when to communicate with stakeholders.

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