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Communicating with Stakeholders



This programme has been designed to assist senior managers who are responsible with handling communications with a range of stakeholders groups.

Full Day Course Price: €600 per person

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Senior managers who are responsible for handling communications with a wide range of different stakeholders groups.



  • None


  • Develop improved skills in communicating with internal and external stakeholder audiences as required in a senior management role
  • Be able to undertake effective planning and preparation for critical communications events and incidents even in unpredictable situations
  • Be capable of handling different audience interactions relating to both positive and negative communications issue
  • Develop the ability to handle audience interactions including questions / answers / conflict / aggression and self-management
  • Undertake practice communications events with feedback and analysis on communication style and delivery technique using video recording and playback
Course Outline
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Introduction, Objectives and Expectations

Communications Exercise
Group exercise in responding to an organisational event at short notice
Review of exercise and evaluation of key factors that affect communications
Planning for potential communications event – contingencies and responsibilities

Characteristics of Effective Communicators
Delivery and clarity of communication
Visual presentation – application
Body language – using and reading
Handling audience interaction and confrontation
Giving and receiving feedback

Individual / Small Group Exercise – Challenging Communications Events
Exercise Briefing for Communicators and Audiences
Preparation for communications event
Delivery of communication with video recording
Replay with analysis and feedback
Group review of learning from the exercise

Development of Individual Action Plans for Improved Communications Effectiveness

Programme Review and Evaluation
Use will be made of open group discussion, exercises and role-plays with analysis and feedback

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