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Train the Trainer



This course is designed to provide skills, ideas and tips to trainers in order to develop their training and presentation skills for use in training and presentation sessions. The participants will have the opportunity to deliver presentations and training sessions and receive feedback in a safe environment.

Full Day Course Price: €600 per person

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This programme has been designed to assist anyone needing to develop and improve elements of their training instruction and presentation skills.



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During this course, participants will:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and techniques required in the delivery of training and presentation processes
  • Be able to undertake effective planning and preparation for training and presentation delivery
  • Be capable of handling appropriate visual aids, equipment and materials
  • Undertake practice-training sessions with feedback and analysis
Course Outline
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Introduction and Overview
Objectives and purpose of training sessions and presentations in general
Discussion of specific requirements for participants in delivering learning activities

Learning Principles
How adults learn and how learning is absorbed effectively
Individual learning styles and their application
Adapting training and presentation processes to facilitate learning styles
Learner motivations and addressing motivation issues
Definition of the Training Process – Skill, Knowledge and Attitude
What makes an effective trainer – competencies and attributes

Planning and Preparing for Training Sessions
Setting clear objectives and required outcomes
Developing and imparting content
Delivery format options and sequencing of learning
Use of visual aids and their application and impact
Management of the physical learning environment
Question and Answers Session to address specific participant issues

Training Programme Delivery
Getting started – introduction, objectives and setting ground rules
Handling timing and following training plans
Techniques for imparting knowledge including presentation format and use of visual aids
Structured Process for demonstrating new skills and achieving skill acquisition
Do’s and don’ts of good training delivery techniques
Managing body language, tone of voice, pace, etc.
Handling interaction with audience – Questions and answers
How to close out training sessions
Formal and informal review processes for gaining feedback
Assessment and evaluation – trainee/trainer evaluation

Practice Training Sessions
Preparation and delivery of a short training practice session
Video recording with playback, analysis and constructive feedback

Programme Review and Evaluation
Use will be made of open group discussion, exercises and role-plays with analysis and feedback.

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