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Tipping Teams

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Who ever thought that this relatively new technology would explode across businesses throughout the commercial world, in the way Microsoft’s collaboration tool Teams would this last crazy year?


Microsoft Teams


Explode is probably the best word to describe the way that Microsoft Teams has gone from a user base of approximately 32 million to one greater than 115 million – now that is exponential growth! But are you aware of the range of options provided in Teams?

Just one of these options is the ability to collaborate on a document in real-time without having to share your screen.

Unlike many other conferencing tools, Microsoft Teams has this facility for real-time collaboration – on the same document – by multiple users – at the same time – without leaving the meeting. Everyone can contribute, contributions can be viewed while they are taking place, and each edit can potentially be recorded by name for future reference if tracking options are switched on.

To collaborate while in the meeting, click the Teams environment that is outside of your meeting, if you don’t know how to do this, look at your toolbar then hover your mouse over the teams’ icon, you will see two instances, one is your meeting, the other is the Microsoft Teams environment.

Everyone can navigate to the document being discussed and start entering data – as with any other document – no need to save as the system automatically saves any changes.

No one needs to share their screen as everyone is looking at the same thing, much easier than having one person make all of the changes.

This makes collaborating easier and a lot more efficient. The files are saved in the Cloud, so it is a lot safer as well.

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Author: Deirdre O’Brien, Senior Training Consultant.

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