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Corporate Training: Live Online Learning Webinars - With List

What is a Live Online Learning Session?

WebminarInteractive online learning training sessions combine exceptional convenience, cost-effectiveness and a wide range of topics resulting in better retention rates when you need to upgrade your skills. All participants need only attend the sessions that are relevant to themselves, therefore ensuring they don’t have to sit through a longer session to get to the nugget of information they require.

Our online workshops are live interactive learning experiences. Tutors have the ability to give information and instruction, conduct polls and ask questions. Participants are able to view the demonstrations and presentations, practice at their desk, answer polls, ask questions and get answers in real time. Registered participants receive all necessary course materials by e-mail prior to the webinar.

Choosing the right skills path for each participant

We have divided the sessions into the traditional Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced options.

The participants can decide to follow this pathway and attend each module in each section to achieve the required skill level or they can choose ad-hoc from the topics as required.  Some of the more advanced topics will have pre-requisites associated with them.

What does the participant need to attend?

The Live On-Line Learning sessions are workshops which are transmitted over the Web. You attend from your desk, a training room or home computer therefore no travel is required.

The participant needs a PC or laptop with internet connection and either access to a headset or a telephone.

Each session will run for approximately 1.5 hours which allows time during and at the end of each session for questions and answers.

Olas will organise everything for you

The software used to host the webinar sessions is GoToWebinar.  From here we can invite all the attendees to the sessions, pre-register the attendees and give attendance reports.

Olas uses voice and demonstration style sessions, with each participant receiving their material the day before the programme or if they wish they can receive a copy of the files used during the programme.  Depending on band width we can also introduce video / webcam if applicable.

Live On-Line Learning Training Programmes 2020

Check out the webinars available for each application below:

Microsoft Excel Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Topic 2: Formula Concepts, Basic Formulae and Simple Functions
  • Topic 3: Multiple Sheets and Charts – An Introduction
  • Topic 4: Database – An Introduction
  • Topic 5: Conditional Formatting, Multiple Sheets and External Linking
  • Topic 6: Creating and Working with Pivot Tables – An Introduction
  • Topic 7: Using Range Names and More Functions
  • Topic 8: Advanced Charting
  • Topic 9: Working with Advanced Functions
  • Topic 10: Working with Data Lists / Databases
  • Topic 11: Macros
  • Topic 12: Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Topic 13: What-If Analysis – Goal Seek, Scenarios and What If Analysis
  • Topic 14: Look up, Match and Compare Data
  • Topic 15: Next Steps with Macros Part 1
  • Topic 16: Next Steps with Macros Part 2
  • Topic 17: Managing Data, Matching and Comparing (vlookups, match and index)
  • Topic 18: Functions, Formulae and Range Names
  • Topic 19: Data Visualisation / Dashboards and Charts
  • Topic 20: Microsoft Excel Advanced – Power Pivot
  • Topic 21: Refresher Essentials
Microsoft Power BI Webinar List
  • Topic 1: An introduction to Power BI
  • Topic 2: Powerful Queries with Power BI
  • Topic 3: Data Transformation
  • Topic 4: Data Modelling and Exporting Data
  • Topic 5: Desktop Modelling
Microsoft Word Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Introduction to Word
  • Topic 2: Bullets, Numbering, Indenting and Tab
  • Topic 3: Page Numbering, Headers and Footers, Page Layout and Printing
  • Topic 4: Tables
  • Topic 5: Sections, Styles and Automatic Table of Contents
  • Topic 6: Mail Merge: Working with an E Merge
  • Topic 7: Columns, Sections and Charts / Drawing and Pictures
  • Topic 8: Track Changes and Comparing Documents
  • Topic 9: Forms, Templates and Macros
  • Topic 10: Referencing and Master Documents
  • Topic 11: Managing Long Documents for Reporting (Styles, Sections, Page No’s, TOC)
  • Topic 12: Making Word Work for You
  • Topic 13: Word and SharePoint – Track Changes in Documents, Collaboration and SharePoint Document Management
Microsoft PowerPoint Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Topic 2: Using Slide Masters and Creating Design Templates
  • Topic 3: Creating and Working with Text and Chart Slide Types
  • Topic 4: Creating and Working with Diagrams and Drawing Tools
  • Topic 5: Printing and Slide Shows
  • Topic 6: Creating Effective Presentations
  • Topic 7: The Ultimate Presentation – Tell Your Story
Microsoft Outlook Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Managing and Planning: Email, Tasks and Calendar
  • Topic 2: Getting the best from Microsoft Outlook
  • Topic 3: Managing Email and Rules
  • Topic 4: Using Tasks for Planning and Your Diary / Calendar
  • Topic 5: Your Contacts and Mailbox Management
  • Topic 6: Personal Effectiveness and Time Management with Outlook
Office 365, Windows 10 and OneDrive Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Office 365 Overview
  • Topic 2: Windows 10 & O365: Pre-Migration
Skype for Business Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Making the Most of Skype for Business
  • Topic 2: Get The Most from Skype for Business While Remote Working
Microsoft Teams Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Getting Started with Teams
  • Topic 2: Collaboration and The Next Level with Teams
Microsoft OneNote Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Getting Started with OneNote
  • Topic 2: Making the Most of OneNote
Microsoft Visio Webinar List
  • Topic 1: Getting Started with Visio
  • Topic 2: Stencils, Templates, Flowcharts & Cross Functional Charts

Olas can host up to 101 participants on any one session but recommend that there would be a maximum of 25 per groups, this will ensure each participant can contribute and get individual attention from the tutor.

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